Week 12-15 MKE ~A Slight Detour to 2020, with a good reason…

I’ve missed a few weeks of the MKE Course.
I’m late with my homework, but I’ve got a note & a reeeeealy good reason 🙂 x promise!

I had a little detour that looked alot like this image >

SO… The new home that I wrote into my initial DMP has manifested. We have now moved into it. I live there. Right now!!!
>>>BAM <<< BOOM !!!!

I am looking at my gardens as I write this. Out my window I am seeing my fruit trees, a water tank (its empty from the drought though), gorgeous colours, the sun shining & blue sky, it always smells sweet like the Fig trees around the side. Birds are singing all the time it is truly like a Paradise.

I cant believe it! I can believe it! Its truly amazing..

It all happened so quickly. In about a month of writing about the kind of place I wished to find to move to, we had bought this. The day I wrote this into my DMP, I found a house that ticked the boxes that night! SAME DAY! Long story short it was not the one, but this one was. And SOLD

Early December found me packing, moving & relocating a home, business, art studio & ticking the whole to-do list that goes with that.

We got in the door, & while unpacking this house, we were packing us for 2 weeks away. Had just 2 days at home to make it liveable for the house-sitters coming to stay, then we drove off on road trip for the holiday season. A crazy whirlwind December.

While away we stayed at 5 places in 11 days, drove 2600km, saw friends & family, ate drank & been merry & resting. A lovely break. Drove through fire affected regions that give you chills, and talked lots about the gratefulness of being safe where we are. Australia is on fire & it is terrifying & awful. We are safe.

I couldn’t wait to get home, to unpack my new home, to live in it. To see my cats. To water my garden. To see a sunset with a glass of wine, watching the Black Cockatoos circling. The birds here are insanely abundant, its a sanctuary.

So we are here now. It is 2020. I couldn’t think of a more wonderful way to begin a brand new year. Me standing tall & looking ahead (and also behind me to see where I came from pre MKE) and find this solid foundation beneath my feet holding me strong. Holding me in support to go forth with the rest of this wonderful experience of MKE & self-growth.

I’m so excited to begin again. I adore new beginnings of hope.
So, I’m off to play catch-up with week 12> onwards 🙂
Now that the home foundation is in place, I can place my focus on the other challenges I’ve got ahead of me. There is ALOT of work to be done still & I’ve got to refocus now. A major one is ticked off.

I wish you all a Merry 2020 🙂 bright blessings and shiny beginnings.

Keep imagining what you wish for is real, IT IS true what they say…

Peace & Love to you,
may you Love & be Loved,

Week 11 MKE ~Onwards and Upwards. Hope is a Virus.

This quote came up again on my Facebook Memories this week. Since 2010 I’ve been sharing it & every year I re-share it. It always deeply resonates with me when I read it. It gives me the A-Ha’s! every. single. time.

“You make a living by what you get.
You make a life by what you give.”


I can easily talk about the concept of giving & receiving. I’ve painted about it, and spread this message to many many people who have bought prints off this artwork of mine. Because they related to the story behind it. People have been moved, sometimes to tears, and many homes are adorned with the message of giving & receiving that I’m honoured to have spread worldwide.

DCF 1.0

An 8 year old boy looked up at me and said passionately “You painted magic, it’s amazing.” and that boy came back & his mum bought that painting for him. Of everything he could buy at the markets, he chose that he wanted THAT! Because of how that made him feel. He hugged me.

I named it “Onwards & Upwards” and I made it available in every Chakra Colour. People asked for colour variations, commissions in other sizes, it became a Logo for a Wellness Company. etc.

My story is that this is a painting of THAT MOMENT… of Giving – or Receiving.
The moment of interaction… one person is Giving… the other is Receiving… Which do you see? Did you notice the Whooooosh of energy in the background? Or the little beams of energy coming off the flower as this magical interaction happens…
(Please leave me a comment if you see this image as Giving or Receiving, I am passionately curious & I always ask this of people.)

“Onwards & Upwards” was created in a time of darkness & sadness in my life, when I painted Hope & Love. I was painting them into my life. Manifesting with a brush. It worked. I did not know about the Master Key Experience back then. So I fumbled my own way with Acrylics.

I never really realised the extent of the power that my story, teamed with a visual image, could have on people. I had experienced fragments here & there, but as I write this blog the HUGENESS of this is really hitting me. My mind is joining the dots … you cant buy this feeling anywhere. ~~~ This is the REAL DEAL Baybey!

So, my thoughts the last 2 weeks have been more & more focused on Visualising Helping others. Giving.
What can I give?
What have I got that is worthy of giving?
How can my Purpose be about giving?

And because my own personal foundation is not quite set, this is a mega hard question. My own needs are not met. How can I give anything else of what I dont have? And I did struggle. And the question actually hurt me to read. Frustration. Unknown. Dead ends.

Persistently I kept looking at that question, from every angle, looking for the secret answer. It hurt to look, and not to know, but every day I would look at it & tell myself “You know this. Find it.!”

Then… Ta-Dahhhh! I began to find 1 or 2 things that I have got to give. And during Lori’s Purpose Webinars my list of Things I Want started to freely & naturally include gifts for others. Unselfish wants. Global wants. I feel in my heart that some mental hurdle has crashed down and my awareness of my own possibility has exploded out.

I’m ready to start actioning the list I’ve created. I’ll use what I have got to give, and guess what I found ~ I have heaps to give!.

I have the tools I need now to affirm that my gifts are valid, and so more gifts will come. And they will spread like a beautiful virus, all over the world. And I will see it happening this time. And it will empower me to do bigger things.

Just realising this, has made a change already.
Onwards & Upwards I go….. ★´*。.☆¨¯`*★。

These series of paintings are a reminder for all to hold onto the magical moment of interpersonal interaction.
*Prints of ‘Onwards & Upwards’ are available in my Etsy Store.
*An Original Painting ‘The Gift’ is in my online Bluethumb Gallery. Link> https://bluethumb.com.au/nevena-nikolic/Artwork/the-gift-nevena-nikolic
Link for Etsy & Bluethumb are here> www.nowloveart.com

¸.· ´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·’* ~ Peace & Love x Nevena

Week 9 MKE ~Abracadabra. Careful whatcha wish for!

>>> This painting called “Twilight Magick” was one of my first paintings back in 2011. I had never painted before that. I painted this while camping, by the campfire in a forest. It is a simple painting of a little Owl making magic.
It is his first time, magic whooshing out of him, circling in the sky. His face in puzzled disbelief, in awe of himself. He was making magic! And he was totally overawed by seeing this for the first time.

This little owl was me back then. Making magic by painting. I didnt know it then, but it is so crystal clear to me right now. And I’m thrilled to be making magic again. Thanks to MKE for giving me my Abracadabra back.

From the Aramaic language said to be the first language ever spoken. The word was ‘avra kadavra’, meaning ‘it will be created in my words’.

My fave is the healing powers of this word Abracadabra. I’ve heard it was used by healers. If consciously written like in this picture, every next line eliminates one letter. In doing so (with intention) each time it is written it reduces the power of the illness. Until the last line, it is totally gone. Healed. Cool huh!?

Whenever I heard Abracadabra I pictured a mysterious power being summoned to perform the required magic. ~~~Poof !!! Because I actually DO believe in magic (yeah yeah ok you can have a giggle at my expense I dont mind 🙂 Magic Happens. Its true 🙂

But I’ve never really considered this word properly too much. Now while on this Master Key Experience transformation, magical experiences have 100% been occurring for me. They are getting more frequent. And so it seems like a perfect union to keep this wonderful & powerful word in my mind.

Abracadabra is one I’m adding to my tool belt. A powerful go-to if the old subconscious negativity threatens to attack the way it used to. I shield myself like Wonder Woman and her groovy wrist guards.
((( What a woman! Phwoar! Sorry, not sorry, I’m so easily distracted… lol)))
Kapow~ I send it right back where it came from, and every time it wants to come back to TRY to get back at me, it is less powerful. I’m breaking old patterns down. I’m getting stronger and winning.

Remembering & saying Abracadabra snaps me back to this present moment, and into my powerful positive self. This present wonderful beautiful moment.

Abracadabra is a reminder. Be careful of your wishes, your thoughts, you WILL make them real whether they are Positive or Negative. Because…
What I speak, I create.
What I speak, I create.
What I speak, I create.

I create what I speak.
What I speak, I create.
What I speak, I create.

I create what I speak.
What I speak, I create.
What I speak, I create.

I choose what I create now by speaking the language that loves me.
The language that makes my good wishes come true.
I choose. And then just like magic, Poof!!! it is created…. by me

¸.· ´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·’* ~ Abracadabra
¸.· ´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·’* ~ Abracadabra


*Prints of Twilight Magic are available in my Etsy Store. This painting reminds people to hold onto the hope of wonders, that anyone can do it.
It is still super popular for children’s rooms & adult children like me 🙂
Link for Etsy is at: www.nowloveart.com

Week 8 MKE ~Dreams are free. Life is but a dream…

…. the one who stares out the window in class
…. the one who missed your story, because your face reminded her of a memory, and she drifted back in time….
… the only one on the bus NOT staring at her iPhone….
… because she is living a story in her wild imagination…
… the one who cant finish a page in the book, because 1 paragraph took her on an hour long journey through her imagination…
… the one who sees a million tiny details in everything…

CONFESSION … I am one of those. You might have guessed 🙂

So, painting & creating Art is my way to give those daydreams a face, a life, a story, give a feeling a colour, activate it with magical bubbles, and that daydream has almost become real.

This is why I paint fantasy birds, and they sing Rainbows. I love painting this theme, and have done many variations so far. Pictured here is “Rainbow Song 3”.

I also paint energetic jellyfish jumping out of the water, and make old guitar strings into their tentacles. A fan cover become a fishes eye. Gum nuts become little birds and used incense sticks collected become their nests.

My artworks include everyday objects, used in imaginary ways to trigger your imagination. I want to encourage people to play. And I want to play.

So, just so you know, should you ever accuse me of being a dreamer, I will say ‘Oh, Thank you’ & I will smile 🙂 and you may not understand why. And that is perfectly OK.

Not all people ‘get it’. The wonder of being a dreamer. It shocked me to learn that some people consider it a negative trait. Personally, I quite rate it highly. I am drawn to those who can talk about their imaginary worlds. And people who dont get it are hilariously puzzled.

Dreams are free, and I wont stop!

I have been blessed with becoming an adult who can still tap into that childlike innocence of believing that everything is possible in the imaginary world. I do not take this lightly. It is an absolute honour & a badge I wear with pride.

So then I got involved with this Master Key Experience. And something miraculous happened. (well, lots & lots & lots & heaps of miraculous things happened, but this is just one example…) This activity is encouraged in MKE, and it is considered ….I M P O R T A N T…! I can be myself here. Yay 🙂

My daydreams have a fancy grown up name now. They are now called “Visualisations”, and instead of being a creative play escape, they have a real meaningful purpose. And they are a requirement of my learning. Ooh cool!

To lead me to a life fulfilled. To lead me to my self. To the answers I hold in my heart.

I mean, this is just mind-blowing. I get to do something so so fun, and it leads me to my doorway of answers. The power that we all hold within ourselves, is so powerful that it excites me so much to see where this all goes when the Visualisations evolve into Manifestations, and then into Reality.

Poof! Magic! Absolute magic is happening… and it all started with visualising.

I encourage to let inhibitions go…

…. Gently down the stream … Merrily, Merrily, Life is but a dream …

Are you manifesting the impossibles of your imagination? Will you dare to dream big? I hope so.
Nevena x

The ‘Rainbow Song 3’ artwork is copyright to http://www.nowloveart.com 
and in my gallery https://bluethumb.com.au/nevena-nikolic

Week 7 MKE ~Time travel. I am my future’s past.

Visualisation comes pretty easily to me. As an artist, my imagination is healthy and alot of fun. When I see a scene, I can capture all the tiny details and recall them. I sometimes think I should work as a detective.

So. This week’s visualisation stepped up a level. Challenge accepted!
To visualise ‘future me’ having coffee with a friend, in the future.
Visualise every detail, what she/he is wearing, the coffee shop, the conversation, the facial expressions, the laughter, tears, truths, vulnerability, everything…

So thats cool. I’ve got that bit, easy peasy. Challenge accepted! I’m THERE.

The tricky part is that this ‘future me’ needs to tell the story of her past.
Which is right now my future.
And this is just absolutely mind bending & fascinating, because my future is not written.

Today I am my future’s past.

My future is like a lump of clay, waiting to be moulded into a lovely form with purpose, function, and appeal. GULP!!!!
Or a blank canvas with a base colour down & some rough outlines, waiting for the details, the eyes & the soul to be added. GULP!!!!

And now I get to describe what that future looks like, in the future, about the past which has not happened yet. Hhahahahahah I just think this is an awesome concept & it makes my brain laugh. Perhaps a nervous laugh… because I now get to push through & do it.

I get to. I dont got to.!!!! I’m so lucky for this opportunity.

Honestly, this DMP has truly challenged me, and still does. Its exactly the push I need, asked for, and it arrived to question EVERYTHING. So because that is not crystal clear, this Coffee Date with Future Self & Friend is next level challenging.

So far I have not been able to complete this coffee date’s serious conversation part. But its a lovely coffee shop & I love my friend to bits. We’re having a great time, not talking about me. Hmm…
I’ve tried to change the friend to see if that works, nope, different coffee shop, nope… still cant get it. Hmmmmm….. because wherever I go, there I am. Not being sure.

So, back to another DMP rewrite today & one foot infront of the other…

I’ve included a painting of mine titled “The Blue Owl Knows”. It felt right to pop this here in context as a visual representation of what we have been going through and I hope you enjoy seeing it.

This painting is about:
– wisdom / inner knowing / gut feeling senses
– options: many roads you can choose
– changes we can always choose to make for ourself
– and my fave, following your heart. (or inner compass as some call it)
All of these things can be seen symbolically in my painting.
It is as esoteric or as simple as you, the viewer chooses it to be. Some people just see an owl & some circles things, and thats cool.

But like in life, I personally see so much more. Thats my story. And that can be overwhelming & miraculous all at once. I am grateful for my miracles, and I’m just going to keep going forward.

Perseverance & smiles & love in my heart.
Today I am my future’s past.

‘The Blue Owl Knows’ artwork is copyright to http://www.nowloveart.com
and in my gallery https://bluethumb.com.au/nevena-nikolic

Week 6 MKE ~Yo-yo

Up it goes, soaring high ~ around the world.
Then down it goes, to the floor, dragging along ~ walk the dog.
(80’s kids will remember those yo-yo moves.)

Life is up & down like a yo-yo, exhilarating & exhausting simultaneously right now.

Week 5&6 miraculously brought me a realisation about a dream life I had been supressing. It came out in my DMP and I saw it clearly. This Master Key Experience is really whirlwind…

Later that same day, an opportunity in line with my DMP presented itself to me. I was honestly in disbelief. Could it be happening this quickly? Could it manifest so quickly? Everything about this property seemed ideal at a glance.

So I questioned it, analysed it, touched & felt it, and spent an entire week… In and out of Analysis paralysis. Drove me bonkers!

Now that it had appeared, do I really want it?
Is this really truely my true purpose?
Is this the right way ?
Am I crazy to think I CAN do this? I must be lol.

All the while keeping positivity & absolutely blown away by the magic of the events unfolding. Giggling inside joyously, while nervously being scared.

Magic…! I have created magic!!! Manifestation ROCKS!

BUT, I could not help questioning if the old ‘me’ or the old blueprint, was just blocking this new path. Resisting!? Every hour I would see a different viewpoint. It’s perfect. No, it’s terrible. It’s perfect. No, it’s terrible.

Then after a week of this yo-yo’ism, I made a decision.
I had to let it go. I did let it go. This property was not for me as it turns out. Too many things didn’t feel right, and the place was not a perfect fit.

The old me wants to say ‘unfortunately’ about the above sentence. However, the new me has done the work, analysed, and made a decision with a clear mind. So that is it.

For the best way forward, that magical story will stay just that. And another magical story is brewing…. to be told when it’s ready.

I am going to wait until something feels absolutely, undoubtedly ideal. I deserve the best for myself. Long enough I’ve not know what that is… so I am happy to wait a little bit longer.

Its on its way…

(*DMP = definite major purpose)

Week 5 MKE ~Don’t chase the Butterfly

I’ve tried to hang onto the inner child. Confession: I do chase butterflies… and I can lose sight of where Im going & trip up & fall. And the falls hurt, and I scrape my knees, and I do it aaaaaaallll again – because I just wont learn.

But hey, life is an adventure to be had, right!?

I’ve always thought so. Until the realisations came, and they kept unraveling layers & layers. And this October 2019 they have been revealing themselves. Things I knew all along, I know this stuff!!! I’ve learnt this stuff before, many times.

This time IS different. Because the programming from MKE is actually sticking. This works!

So for every Butterfly that comes to distract me, to tease me into chasing its flying wonder & colourful pretty wings, I acknowledge your presence. I send you a smile, love, and step forward on the path I am on. I remain focused thank you.

The work that the whole month has started to unravel, through MKE, is my garden getting into shape. And guess what, the butterflies are already fluttering around? And the lady beetles, and the bees, and fairies too. 🙂

I believe that the universe has just been teaching me, guiding me, and patiently waiting for me to be ready. As soon as I set some intentions last Saturday, BOOM >they appeared. THAT NIGHT! It sounds crazy…

This week has amazed me. I won’t tell the story yet, because I don’t want to jinx it, but holly molley if this all works I can’t wait to tell you the whole story. Watch this space 🙂 I am pumped & its driving me to continue daily.

Reading Scroll II began this morning & I absolutely LOVE IT ~ I cant wait to read that every day (who would ever think I would say something like that). But this is working & I am all in.

Stay positive, live in your imaginary world, Love Lots. Give lots, get lots.
Its all amazing.
Nevena x

There is that saying that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. This has happened to me a few times in my life, its been beautiful, and this is another real example.

Week 4 MKE (part 2) ~The Universal Whole-ness

On pondering the Universal Wholeness… a subject I’ve really enjoyed learning about this week. Week 4 MKE. Not something I’ve really ever understood, the timing must be right, because I’m starting to ‘get’ it.

I liked the below wonderful statement & I hope you enjoy it too:

“When you ask the question, “Who am I?”—if you have enough time and concentration—you may find some surprising answers. You may see that you are a continuation of your ancestors. Your parents and your ancestors are fully
present in every cell of your body; you are their continuation. You don’t have a separate self. If you remove your ancestors and your parents from you, there’s no “you” left. You may see that you’re made of elements, like water for example. If you remove the water from you, there’s no “you” left. You’re made of earth. If you remove the element earth from you, there’s no “you” left. You’re made of air. You need air desperately; without air you cannot survive. So if you remove the element of air from you, there’s no “you” left. And there’s the fire element, the element of heat, the element of light, in you. You know that you are made of light. Without sunlight, nothing can grow on Earth. If you continue to look, you
see that you are made of the sun, one of the biggest stars in the galaxy. And you know that the Earth, as well as yourself, is made of the stars. So you are the stars. On a clear night, look up, and you can see that you are the stars above. You’re not just the tiny body you normally may think of as “yourself.”

~ Thich Nhat Hanh, Silence: The Power of Quiet in a World Full of Noise

Art by: Tomas Sanchez

Week 4 MKE (part 1) ~Yellow Week of Joy

I bought myself these Sunflowers this morning. A bunch of joy.

Dont wait for someone else to bring you Flowers, or bliss, or Joy… do it for yourself.! And thats what we’re all doing with MKE.

I put these into a Vase I got for a present (#grateful) and remembered that person & sent them Love. Onto the furniture we just freshly repainted. In a room re-energised to breathe new life into the Home. ~ The timing of this is AHHMAZING. Its all fresh & new, as is my mind & outlook.

The colour Yellow surrounds me so much lately. I’ve been bathing all my senses in Yellow ~ my core strength building up to hold up all my energy. Visualisation, Feeling, Sound, Yellow Food, memories of the Yellow kitchen my darling Mum creates loving food in. Such a joyous delicious colour.

The music which my former me used to flood myself in, no longer serves. No need to hide behind the noise right now. I want quiet so I can think & grow through this experience. So I play Solar Plexus Chakra Sound Bath on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hlfYoUihIik over & over.

The quiet feels nice. My cells are re-newing, and the new language they speak is kind and happy and loving. The brain activity that this experience is enducing is expanding everything. And it is in a language I can understand…wow!

Joy pulsates through my veins & it is touching people I come in contact with. Like a virus, it spreads. So I’ve been sprinkling it wherever I go. And noticing reactions, smiles, laughter, and a rekindled spark in those around me. Its addictive, feels fab & I want to create more & more of that! That is my intention.

Week 4 and I just feel happier. When I look at myself in the mirror, I see a different person looking back at me now. I’ve evolved, from the inside. Its my vision that SEES a different perspective now. I’ve not changed physically on the outside.

I hope you’re having a wonderful experience & being kind to yourself. Love, respect & kindness… to yourself until it overflows.

~~~~~~ The best is yet to come ~~~~~~
~~~ and today is the best place to be ~~~
Nevena xxx

Week 3 MKE. ~Deer in the Headlights CAUGHT

There is a shift.
And I can feel shifty~ness. My shifty mind plays tricks on me. Dodging & weaving, ducking & hiding, but I see you…. I can start to see you now, with your tricks. My flashlight has been catching that Deer in the Headlights often. And both the caught & the catcher are equally as stunned. Resistance is futile now Mr Deer.

What an extraordinary feeling to have that sense of control over your own mind. To feel the moment when one part of your AMAZing mind can acknowledge the other part.

The conscious mind catching out the subconscious mind. THAT moment! Boom! Like parallel worlds in my body, the watcher has begun being watched.

You are on my radar now Deer in the Headlights. I know how it feels to catch you out, and I’m gunna keep catching you out now. Because it feels good to see you become less powerful every time you’re caught. And you know it, because you’re getting smaller. Like Alice eating the cake, you’re licking a crumb every time I see you. Smaller, and smaller… less dominant

Confession time (coz I’m honest) > I know this feeling. I’ve felt it before.
This is not my first time experiencing this awakening in awareness. This is a feeling that my physical body has gone through when it was starved of something it has gotten used to feeding off for a long time. That might be any activity repeated that the mind got used to having as a source: like food, smoking, coffee, sugar, alcohol, drugs, slothing, television, sex, ego, reading, painting etc etc…
Yes I’ve hidden myself in the studio & painted, and painted, and painted… hiding. I’ve quit many things in my life, and lots are listed above. But thats not relevant, is it? The point is the process of change is the same EVERY TIME.

No book, app, quote, workshop, person, nothing EVER NEVER is going to help unless that inner fire exists & you celebrate it in the moment! That feeling when you KNOW that Deer is getting smaller ~ T H A T ~ that is the only thing that will keep you on track.

I believe its very easy to not notice THAT little moment, and get caught up in the chase of the Deer, the adrenaline of listening out for it, running to catch it, or trying different weapons, but it aint about that.

Those senses are not the ones to engage in this hunt, not your eyes, or smell, touch, taste…
The only was is to feel from within… from your soul.

Stay deeply inwardly focused.
Dont miss that magical moment! And keep your torch handy, coz you never know when its going to rear its head. Your subconscious that is. Because that is what this hunt is all about taming. And I have a long way to go before the taming is done.

* note: no Deer was harmed in this story. I am not the DeerHunter & would never hurt deer, or any animal for that matter. I love all animals & this is a metaphorical story.

** If you enjoyed this please please leave me a comment. Writing is new to me I’d love to know your thoughts. & like, share, follow. x